How to assess pedestrian wind comfort in urban area with numerical tools?
From comfort criteria and guidelines to the master plan's influence on comfort
mappings, this webinar covers every step of the wind comfort analysis. 

Assessment of pedestrian wind comfort in urban area with numerical tools

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Agenda of the webinar

  1. Pedestrian wind comfort criteria
  2. International wind comfort guidelines
  3. The influence of the master plan on comfort mappings
  4. Pedestrian wind comfort assessment with numerical tool
  5. Q&A from the webinar available at the bottom of the page

Why is it important to analyse pedestrian wind comfort?

Understanding wind patterns is essential for designing cities that are both functional and comfortable for pedestrians. It is also consistent with sustainability goals by making cities more resilient to climate change and encouraging alternative modes of transport such as walking and cycling. In addition, many countries and cities have wind comfort regulations or guidelines for public spaces.
By incorporating pedestrian wind comfort considerations into urban design processes, planners and architects can optimise street layouts, building placement and landscaping to create more sustainable, resilient and enjoyable environments for residents and visitors. This improves the overall liveability of cities, promoting social interaction and community well-being.

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Guillaume Caniot

Expert engineer in CFD and urban climatology with more than 10 years of experience, Guillaume is a specialist of wind impact at the micro-scale level for urban environments (wind comfort, natural ventilation, etc.).

Guillaume Vervout

Guillaume is the Business Manager of the Urban product line at Meteodyn. With a degree in engineering, he has worked in many fields and builds on his previous experience to improve solutions for customers.

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