1. Introduction to Meteodyn Universe, the wind power software suite.

  • New interface design
  • 4 new software products

2. Presentation of Meteodyn WT new features and improvements, from Meteodyn Universe 1.5. Reviewed:

  • Geographical data module upgrades
  • Orography overlapping tool
  • Multi-mappings tool
  • CFD computation improvements
  • CFD results display
  • Synthesis computation upgrades

3. Presentation of Meteodyn WT new features, from Meteodyn Universe 1.6. Reviewed:

  • Wind turbines types module upgrades
  • CFD computation new feature
  • User experience improvement
  • Post CFD process for mapping elements
  • New results available in the synthesis computation

4. Q&A session

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Juan Camilo Daza Fernandez

Business Development Engineer

Edouard Leonard, PhD

Senior Wind Engineer

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