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How to accurately assess wind resources in forested areas? Unlock the potential of your wind farms by overcoming forest challenges. From mesh generation and forest calibration methodology to the analysis of results from 5 different sites, learn how our methodology improves wind speed simulation in forested areas.

How to accurately perform wind resource assessment in forested areas?

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Conference summary

More and more wind farms are developed in highly forested areas, due to favorable contexts (less restrictions and social opposition) and of course a lack of space. Because of the strong influence of forests on wind flow, wind farm developers are facing new challenges to obtain high accuracy on wind speed simulations. 

To address this issue and investigate the accuracy of wind resource assessment in forested areas, a research project in collaboration with EDF Renewables has been conducted recently on several sites containing two met masts on each site, with common measurement periods and heights, and heterogeneous forest covering. This research project finally highlighted a specific methodology leading to mean wind speed errors reduction up to 4.4 %

During this webinar, we will present our methodology to improve the simulation accuracy in forested areas based on CFD forest model calibration in Meteodyn WT, and the main results of the project conducted with EDF Renewables. This approach, easily applicable, only requires wind profile measurements to determine the specific forest properties and calibrate the CFD forest model accordingly.

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Edouard Leonard
PhD, Senior Wind Expert

Dr LEONARD has worked in the wind industry for more than 10 years. He is currently a Senior Wind Expert at Meteodyn, working on research, consultancy and expertise, as well as improving the Meteodyn WT software.

Aurélien Gaussorgues
Senior Wind Assessment Engineer
EDF Renewables 

With a degree in Electrical & Automation engineering, Aurélien has been working in the wind industry for more than 10 years. After a first experience at Eoltech, a French independent consultancy, he is now a Senior Wind Assessment Engineer in the Study Department of EDF Renewables and is being involved in wind project development all over the world.

Bertrand Crouzille
Customer Success Manager

With 16 years in the industry, and building on his previous roles at Meteodyn, notably of Training & Support Manager, Bertrand is now the Customer Success Manager of the company. He holds a Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree.
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