Numerical assessment of wind pedestrian comfort in complex urban spaces


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The knowledge of urban climatology and particularly that of wind flow around buildings is crucial for the urban designer in many factors, such as the wind comfort in outdoor and in open indoor spaces exposed to the wind.

The wind flow dedicated CFD* software provides an environment to comprehend and interpret the wind in any urban space. The wind mappings produced by the software are useful to urban designers to optimize the site plan by positioning and orientating buildings in order to improve the pedestrian wind comfort.

This white paper teaches you everything you need to know about the numerical evaluation of the pedestrian wind comfort in urban spaces.

*CFD: computational fluid dynamics

About the authors

Stéphane Sanquer

With 20 years of experience in wind simulation for buildings, including 10 years at the CSTB** Nantes, Stéphane is  the former Deputy Managing Director and Director of Research and development at Meteodyn.

**CSTB: Scientific and Technical Center for Building

Guillaume Caniot

Expert engineer in CFD and urban climatology with more than 10 years of experience. Guillaume is a specialist of wind impact at the micro-scale level for urban environments (wind comfort, natural ventilation, etc.).

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